Garage Buiding Plans - Tips for Choosing the Right Foundation

Published: 24th June 2010
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When building any structure, whether it is a house, garage,

shed, or carport, having a solid foundation from which to build

is a top priority and essential for a stable structure

Selecting the type of foundation for your storage building should be determined by what you will

be using it for, eg ; household items, gardening etc (eg.wood floor),

automoble (eg.concrete slab), or farm equipment(

Essentially, there are three basic points to consider when choosing a foundation for a storage building

or shed. Building size and design , climate or region , and soil type.

For example a foundation for a storage building located in an arid climate such as Texas could use an open or dirt floor,

and the same structure built in Seattle may want to have a slab-on-grade foundation.

The soil type and topography, can also affect the choice of a foundation type. In most areas, any foundation type can be

used on a flat site; however, on a sloping site a combination of a foundation wall on the uphill side with

partially bermed foundation walls on the remaining two sides may be the right foundation.

Small structures such as garden sheds will require less ground preparation.

Removing the sod and loose material then laying down concrete blocks or wood timbers are often sufficient for

supporting a shed floor. Bigger structures such as a single car garage, 12x20 orlarger

storage building, may require a concrete or slab on grade foundation.

Concrete slab-on-grade floors are generally designed to have sufficient strength

to support floor loads without reinforcing when poured on compacted

soil. Using welded wire mesh with concrete and a low water/cement ratio can

reduce shrinkage cracking, which is an important concern for appearance Where expansive

soils such as clay are present.

In areas of high seismic activity, special foundation construction techniques may be necessary.

In these cases, consultation with local building officials and a structural engineer is recommended.

On sites where the garage floor could be below the water table, a slab-on-grade foundation is recommended.

Whether you choose a wood timber base, concrete blocks, or a slab on grade foundation for your building project,

these three methods will be the most cost effective and easiest to build.

The secret to project success is having step by step guides and detailed plans. This is closest thing to

hiring a full time 24/7 carpenter working on your project, that you will ever find.

Anyone who is planning on building a garage or any type of storage building will want to be armed with the

right information to make the right decisions.For more help and tips with planning the next building project,

you may want check this out GarageBuildingPlans

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